In contrast to the steady flow of mass media fed images that shout for our attention and can be quickly read, Ramses' pieces have a visual ease. Modest without any obvious material associations. Ramses works on large formatted aluminum and acrylic panels and employs a monochromatic white on white aesthetic. Using shadows and light to create motion and perspective, his pieces humbly evoke the illusion of movement within a given space.

In his most recent body of work, Ramses introduces The Darkwavescapes created by inscribing burnish marks onto the surface of the aluminum canvas with power-tools. As the light is refracted in different directions, the visual experience constantly shifts and the art-piece appears to be glowing and moving. Ramses' interest in the subtle qualities of perception has birthed other installation works with light and space.

Curated by: R. Jasmine Granados

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